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Photo: Laura Popiel

Special Kids Photography of America

Special Kids Photography of America was founded out of a young Pennsylvania mother's frustration, humiliation and hurt experienced at a photo studio where she went to commission a portrait of her one-year-old disabled son. The photographer tried to turn her away because her baby did not look like other infants. After her tears dried, she got mad and realized that professional photographers need to be trained with researched knowledge and how to be comfortable with photographing special children. That's what SKPA does: Train photographers and advocate for special children through beautiful photography.

Since the time of SKPA's inception in 2000, hundreds of photographers have been trained in the unique understanding of working with various disabilities common in our society. All photographers and interested parties can benefit from the educational books and tools available from this website. Our main mission is to represent parents to photographers, that they might have the training, understanding and tools that equate to improved photographic services to familes of children with special needs.


Why is Training important?

The percentage of children with disabilities is higher than ever before. Autism, for instance, has grown 10-fold in the last 40 years and continues to increase each year. This statistic should be reflected in a photographer's clientele. But few parents have a beautiful portrait of their special child. How could this happen?  It is mostly because parents have had less than pleasant experiences at a photo studio and have simply given up on finding someone who has the sensitivity and unique skills to work with their child and do the job right.


All families deserve a beautiful portrait of their child

The portrait should capture the child's beauty, inner beauty or individual personality. This is especially important to families who experience public rejection on a daily basis. When they go to the mall, for instance, people either stare or obviously turn away.  Imagine the amazing experience a photographer can provide a family by creating a portrait of their special child to proudly hang on the wall of their home, making it possible for people to stare at their child for all the right  reasons.








As an example, who would not want to stop and give admiring looks or provide endearing comments the child in the velvety maroon dress shown here? But wait a minute. Would it make a difference when people see she is missing an arm?  Would that cause them to turn away instead of stopping to provide a pleasant greeting to a beautiful child? (Photo by Deguzis Photography)


Please enjoy and celebrate the beautiful images found on the pages of this website. SKPA welcomes you to become involved as a volunteer, advocate, passionate photographer or supporter. SKPA is recognized by the IRS as a charitable nonprofit organization.

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