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Photo: Laura Popiel

Special Child Photography Training Workshops

Special Kids Photography of America provides both live workshops as well as the same workshop content on a CD, accompanied by beautiful portrait images of children with special needs. Live workshops require at least 10 participants. Live workshop fees begin at $299 per person unless otherwise arranged. They usually last from 4-6 hours and include the book and test. If available a live model session may also be provided. 

Workshop via CD
In the meantime, enroll in our accreditation course through a CD. You get the newly revised CD, official book, study guide, test, review of photo submissions (4) and, upon satisfactory completion, use of the SKPA logo and posting of your contact information on the SKPA website. If you purchase the CD workshop, you are entitled to attend a live workshop (if available in your area) at no extra charge.


Photo clinics for professional photographers
Southern California: Monday, April 24, 2017. Instructor: Karen Dórame, Author, Photographing Children with Special Needs. Contact regarding your participation in this workshop. $250 for the all day event, beginning 9 a.m. 
Chicago, IL - Express you interest. Contact us.
Seattle, Washington: Express your interest. Contact us.
Houston area: Express your interest. Contact us.
Boston area: Express your interest. Contact us.

Contact regional instructors directly regarding your desire to have a workshop in their area:

CA - Contact Karen Dórame
GA - Contact Dan Simkin to arrange a date. Order books in advance

MA - Contact Alison Miniter, instructor


Workshop fees vary, depending on location and occasion and whether or not the books and accreditation process are included. 


Standard package price of $249 includes 1-day workshop, Photographing Children with Special Needs and accompanying study guide (on CD), test and photo review process. When all requirements are successfully met, use of the SKPA logo is granted, a eradicate of completion is awarded and the applicant's contact information is placed on the SKPA website. 



The same material as present in the in-person 1-day Accreditation Workshop is available on CD (not DVD). The .pdf files may be printed and studied like a text book. Approximately 100 beautiful professional photographic examples are included. Base price: $299.



The 1-day workshop may be purchased without the books and test. Available for the in-person workshop (price varies) and for the CD version ($149). Contact SKPA for details.


Book: Photographing Children with Special Needs


Photographing Children with Special Needs is available for purchase without purchasing the workshop. Some trainers, too, will ask attendees to purchase the book or Study Guide separately. The Study Guide is not available unless purchased with Photographing Children with Special Needs.

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