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Advocacy for Special Children








Purchase this CD or Sign up with Special Kids Photography of America ($25) and get this Advocacy CD and our newsletter FREE. Special Kids Photography of America advocates for special children through presentation of information and beautiful portrait images to the community.  Sign up with SKPA and obtain a free Advocacy planning and display CD containing specific details for various ways to implement the program. The theme is 

"I'm your neighbor. I'm your classmate. I'm your friend."


Advocacy campaigns are accomplished in various ways:

Library Displays

  • Example: October is Down Syndrome Month and Aprils is the month dedicated to bringing attention to autism. Contact librarians for permission to create displays of children with Down syndrome at the local library. In turn, the library provides information about reading materials available in that library for understanding Down syndrome. A sample letter to the head librarian is provided on the CD.


Community Displays

  • Local banks and community centers can be approached to determine their willingness to promote understanding of special children to the community


Presentations to Local Service Clubs and Organizations

  • Groups such as the Lion's Club, Rotary Club, etc. are always looking for speakers. Call to set a date for a presentation. Learn as much about a specific condition as possible and present your beautiful photographs (as least 16 x 20 in. in size) to show the beauty in the children. Figure out your own individual approach and reason for the presentation. Membership will want to know why you are there. Perhaps Down Syndrome Month would be a good reason to provide a presentation.


Conduct a Special Event with a High-Profile Local Business

  • Approach the local Harley-Davidson dealership (for example) to present them with the idea of holding a "Little Heroes Day" (or other catchy name) to honor special children. All children would be invited (with parents, of course). Professional photos would be created with a celebrity or local well-known person standing by a shiny new Harley.




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