Serving families of children with special needs
through exceptional photography

Photo: Laura Popiel

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Webinar Archives

Visit Marathon Press to access the archives of webinars that were produced by Special Kids Photography of America. Each webinar lasts about 1 hour and provides in-depth information as well as a wealth of images on each subject. Subjects include: Autism, other behavioral disorders, sensory disorders such as blindness and hearing well as many others. Check them out.


Publication Archives

  • Rangefinder MagazineOctober 2003
    "Butterflies in your lens or in your tummy?—Adapting your skills to work with special children"

  • DoubleExposure, September 2006

  • Peterson's PHOTOgraphic, February 2005
    "Revealing their Inner Beauty"

  • Professional Photographer, July 2002
    "Picture ME, please—The key to photographing children with special needs if relinquishing control"

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