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Photo: Laura Popiel



Special Kids Photography of America does not endorse the photographic ability or personal character of photographers listed below. Our only role in listing each photographer is to provide a listing of people who have taken steps to familiarize themselves with the differing needs of children with special needs as they apply to photographic imaging. Please verify any photographer you are considering using by checking personal references, work on their professional website and through in person interview.

Accreditation means a photographer has completed a Special Kids Photography of America workshop, has passed a written test and submitted images that were reviewed and approved by a panel of judges. SKPA does not endorse the quality of the imagery as they relate to individual clients nor does SKPA speak to the level of experience or expertise of any photographer. Interested parties are encouraged to thoroughly interview photographers prior to hiring their services.

These photographers are in no way employed by, nor recommended by, Special Kids Photography of America. They are listed here as a courtesy and possible assistance to families seeking photographic services for their special children.  

If you are in any way dissatisfied with any photographer listed here, please notify SKPA.

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Carolyn Sherer

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